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Participants can change the access code for their Academy login and set their own passwords.

After you have added your participants to each group in the Academy, they have to log in with the access code that they recieved in the invitation email. This access code is pretty long and can be confusing.

Can participants change their password?

When participants forget their password or do not have the invitation email anymore, they can click on Forgot your password? on the login screen.

To change the password, participants have to navigate to the Settings once they have logged in. They will then be asked to set a new password with at least 8 characters. Once this new password is saved, your participants will be able to log in with their new personal password.

The access code, however, on the admin dashboard, is still valid as well.

If an admin revokes access to the Academy for any of the participants, the access code as well as their personal password will no longer work.
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