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You can view a progress report for each Academy group participant.

With Academy group administrator rights, you can view a Progress report for each group participant. This is helpful to identify who to remind to complete the assigned learning content.

Go to Academy > Groups > Select group > Progress report:

You'll see a column for each Exam and Course that is assigned to the group that you can filter by:

To do
In progress

Or you can filter by Participant to see the status of all learning content for one individual.

Whilst this feature will work on mobile devices and tablets, it has not been designed to be fully scalable and accessible with such devices.

Exporting a Progress report

You can export a Progress report for specific participants. Go to Academy > Groups > Select group > Progress report and select Export on the right side of the page:

The selection will then be exported as an Excel file.

Sending reminder emails

You can send a reminder email to your selected participants according to the filters you use at the Progress report tab. Learn more here.
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