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For Exams there are several options available for having a time limit.

What does the timer look like?

Timer bar


When you have set a time limit for your Exam, a timer bar will automatically display in the interface of your test. You can see a (by default) blue bar that represents the full time, and will shorten as time progresses. The design of the timer bar is subtle, to allow for participants to maintain their focus and attention to taking the Exam, answering the questions.

Only when someone 'hovers' over the timer bar, they will see the actual time that is still remaining for them:

Custom styling the timer bar

If you would rather have the remaining time to be visible all the time, it is possible to do this using custom CSS styling. This is available for Corporate Owl accounts, and can be done right from the Dashboard of your account, under Styling > Custom CSS in the menu of your Exam (feature available for Corporate Owls or above).

This is an example of a code that you could use for this:

#timecontainer span {  
display: block;  

The effect of this in the interface of your Exam is this:

How to add a timer for the entire Exam

If you would like to limit the time your participants have for your Exam, you can enable a time limit on the Behavior tab of your Exam. Go to the Time limit section, and select Exam time limit, and you'll be able to enter the maximum amount of time allowed in seconds:

Limiting the time per question

If you would like to have a time limit for each question, you can also choose Question time limit and enter how many seconds your participants have to answer a question.

Limiting the availability of your Exam

You can allow your participants to access the Exam for a certain period of time, and have them take the test before a certain end date and time. To do this you need to set a start and end date for your Exam. Please find this option on the Access tab > When is the exam open for participants?

The times are in the timezone of your account. You can view or edit your timezone in your account settings, read more about that here.

Enabling a time frame depending on the start of a participant's session

When you're using A predefined group of participants, which you use to personally invite a group of participants to take your test, it's possible to set up a time frame for them to finish the test. The time will start ticking the moment a participant opens the link to the test and starts their very first session.

You're basically going to configure a time frame for all the participant's attempts of that Exam.

This setting can be found on the Access tab > Total time for all attempts section:

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