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Do you have some material you want to share with your participants?

For all of our paid plans, it's possible to add files as downloadable elements to your Course.

How can I add downloadable elements?

You can add downloadable elements to content slides within your Course slides.

To add a content slide to your Course, go to Slides > Add new slide > Content. Enter a Title for the Course and select Save.

From the newly created slide, select Add element > File download. If you want to add a File download to an existing slide, select Edit > Add element > File download.

Select Choose file to upload the file you wish to add to your Course, and add a File label for your participants (so they know what they're downloading). Don't forget to hit Save!

Participants will see the text that you added for the File label when they take the Course:

What file types can I add?

You can add doc, docx, odt, pdf, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx and ods files.

Can anyone other than my participants download my files?

No! Your files can only be downloadable by your participants, the file URLs will not work for anyone else, so your material is secure.
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