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Yes, you can add pictures to your Assessments. Please keep reading to find out how.


Go to your Assessment > Questions > Add new question (or edit a question you already created), you'll see a place where you can add an image to your question. To see all the question types available for assessments, please take a look at this article.


If you want to add images to your answers, you can choose between small and medium images (with space for some text) or large images (only pictures):

The answers will look like this (when editing – I chose the option large images):

When someone is taking the Assessment, the image answers will appear like this:

Start page

You can also add an image to the start page of your Assessments. That setting can be found at Assessment > Start page > Description image:

Not all settings may appear for you depending on the design of your Assessment interface. Contact support if you want to be able to add an image to the Start Page and have access to other Assessment settings in your account.


You can also add images to each category in an Assessment, so at the end, people can see which category they scored best at.

Just go to your Assessment > Categories and you'll find a place to insert your image for each category:

You can read more about Assessments here.
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