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You can add images to your Exam! Questions, answers and much more!


Go to your Exam > Questions > Create new question (or edit a question you already created), you'll see a place where you can add an image to your question. These are the available question types for exams:

Multiple choice (which can be used for creating True/false question as well
Fill in the blanks
Free text
Image answers
Audio questions
Video questions

All these question types allow you to add an image to them, except the video/audio. This is the right place to add a general image to your questions:

You can also add a feedback image to your question (shown after the question is answered or when the exam is finished):

You can also edit, crop and zoom in and out the image you upload for your question.


If you want to add images to your answers, you need to change the question type. Click on change question type...

... so you can choose between small and medium images (with space for some text) or large images (only pictures):

The answers will look like this (when editing – I chose the option large images):

When someone takes the Exam, it appears like this:

Start page

You can also add an image to the start page of your exam. That setting can be found in your Exam> Start page > Add Image:

It's possible to add a logo to your tests. Just go to your Exam > Styling > Basic styling.

Background image

In the Styling tab you can also add a background image to your exam. Open the dropdown list theme and choose dark photo background:

Now, under the subtab Images you can also add a background image:

When taking your test, it will show the image you inserted for the background (a little bit darker than the original, so that your text stands out): 

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