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You can create video and audio elements as well as Prezi presentations to your Course content slides. Keep reading to find out how.

Haven't started creating a Course yet? Please take a look at this article to find out how that can be done. If you've already started creating a Course and want to find out how to add media to it, please keep reading.

Create a content slide

Open your Course and go to Slides > Add slide:

Select the Content option:

You can then add a title for your slide, a background image, and a timer (a minimum time someone needs to spend on the slide to make sure they watch the video/listen to the audios/view the presentations) to your slide.

Don't forget to hit Save!

Add a video, audio or presentation element

Now you can add elements to your slide using the Add element button:

Select the Video or audio option:

In the Video or audio field, you can add a link to your chosen media item:

Hit Save, and you're done! Now you have a media element as part of your content slide!

It's not possible to import a video directly from your computer. If that is what you want, please upload the video to one of the video players supported. If you are concerned with your videos’ privacy when uploading them to these tools, please read this article.

For video, we support:


For audio, we support:


For Audiomack and Soundcloud, you must enter the embed code.

For presentations we support:


If you have a PowerPoint presentation you want to add, read this article to see the possibilities.

At the moment, we support Prezi Present (not Prezi Design) presentations. Please select the correct option before you start transferring your .ppt to Prezi!

You can Try the course by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of your screen to see how it'll look to participants.

Video tutorial

Video subtitles available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. To activate the subtitles, click on the Cogwheel βš™ > subtitles/CC > Select a language for the subtitles.

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