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It's possible to let your participants view their results in the Academy, or not. Learn how.

Show the results in Academy

Within the Academy portal, your participants can view the learning content assigned to them, and the status of that content. Once a test has been completed, it's also possible for participants to view the test details by clicking the Results button:

Which takes participants to an overview of all sessions (or attempts) for that test:

Participants can then click View results to view details of a specific session including the questions, their given answers, and whether they were right or wrong:

As an Academy administrator, in order to prevent cheating, you might prefer that your participants don't have this information available to them. In a classroom setting, for example, if you don't want students comparing questions and answers. 

You have the option as an admin to disable the View results button for your participants. In your dashboard, go to Academy > Settings. The Allow participants to view session details and answers checkbox is selected by default:

Simply deselect this option if you want to remove the View results button from the Academy portal for your participants. As an admin, you will still have access to this data in your dashboard.
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