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Learn about beta features and why we release them.

What does beta mean?

When you see a beta label within Easy LMS, it means you’ve stumbled upon a brand new feature that we’ve released to the grand public. However, the feature is still in development. The feature may not contain all functionality yet, or may even contain bugs.

Are beta features available to everyone?

Yes! These features are in open beta, which means they are not restricted to a particular group of users. If you use Easy LMS, you can use our beta features.

Why does Easy LMS release beta features?

By releasing features in a beta state, you can use our newest additions to Easy LMS sooner. While we are still developing them, you can already start using them. You don’t have to wait until we have finished or perfected everything. On the other hand, we gain valuable insight by testing new features in a real environment. We can adjust these new features accordingly. By working in shorter cycles, we can shift quickly and improve more often.

How can I give feedback?

If you want to provide us with feedback on how to improve our product, we’d appreciate that! Get in touch with our Support Owls, and they will pass your feedback on to the development team.
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