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Yes indeed, it is possible to create questions with multiple correct answers. Please find the option on the screen where you are creating your question.

Writing questions with multiple correct answers

Here you can tick ✅ the correct answer box for every correct answer:

How is the score for these question calculated?

Once you have selected multiple answers as correct, you will find an extra setting for this at the bottom of that page:

The options are:

Require all correct answers checked for full point: only when your user checks all the right answers, he/she will get the full amount of points for this question. With any 'mistake', there will be no points awarded to them.

Give points per correct answer (points per correct answer = question points / total correct answers): if your question would have 4 correct answers, and 4 points to score, your user would get 1 point for every correct answer that he/she selects.

Give points per correct answer and a penalty per wrong answer: the score for a Question with this setting will be calculated through this formula:

score = (max_score / correct_answer_count) * (correct_answers_checked - wrong_answers_checked - correct_answers_not_checked)

German question type: Give points for a correct answer checked, penalty for correct unchecked and a penalty for incorrect answer checked: the score for a Question will be calculated through this formula:

score = (max_score / answer_count) * (correct_answers_checked + wrong_answers_not_checked - wrong_answers_checked - correct_answers_not_checked)
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