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You may want to give a penalty for incorrect answers in your tests. Here's how you can set that up!

There are different ways to add negative points to your questions. I'll show you how to do it for two of our test types: Exams and Quizzes


To add questions with negative scoring in exams, you need to select the multiple choice question type and mark more than one answer as correct.

When you scroll down the page, you'll see the following scoring options for your question:

If you select one of the the last two options, a penalty will be given and per wrong answer. You can read more about the scoring for multiple correct answers here.


The default scoring system of our quizzes work like this: you get more or less points depending on the number of correct answers and the time taken to complete the quiz. If you get an answer wrong, your time is cut short, and if you keep getting answers wrong, you may not be able to complete the whole quiz. 

That's because if you allow multiple attempts in a quiz, not only you can test the users' knowledge, but help them learn and retain content at the same time.

When you get a question right, it turns green so you know you selected the correct answer. Here's an example:

However, if you get a question wrong, it's marked in red and your time (and points) are cut short:

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