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You might want to give a penalty for incorrect answers in your Exams and Quizzes. Here's how you can set that up!

There are different ways to add negative points to your questions. First, we'll you how to do it for Exams and Quizzes.


To add questions with negative scoring in Exams, you need to select the multiple choice question type and select more than one answer as correct.

When you select several answers as correct answers in a multiple-choice question, an extra setting for this will appear at the bottom of the page.

If you select Comprehensive or Guessing penalty, a penalty will be given for each incorrect answer. Read more about the scoring for multiple correct answers.


The default scoring system of our Quizzes gives participants more or less points depending on the number of correct answers and speed. If they get an answer wrong, their time is cut short. If they continue to answer incorrectly, they might not be able to complete the whole Quiz. 

When participants get a question right, it turns green, so they know they've selected the correct answer. Here's an example:

However, if they get a question wrong, it's marked in red, and their time and points are cut short:

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