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You want to change a standard text, and you can't find the option to do so in the dashboard of your account? Here's the solution for that!

We understand that the standard texts we use for the participant interface might not always match the set up and purpose of your learning content. That is why (for most cases) we can alter these texts for your account.

What we need to make the change

Just send us an email (to: with your request. Please include the following info:

The original text ➡ The new text you would like to use instead
A screenshot of the screen (including the URL bar) where the text appears

With this information, we can (most probably) make the change for you!

Please note

Any changes that we make will take effect on all the learning content in your account, where the original text would be used. In other words: You shouldn't use texts that are very specific for only one of your tests or courses.

If you have created learning content in different languages in the same Easy LMS account, the new text you added will appear as the same for all languages. It won't be translated.
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