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Want to create a survey, or Google Forms type of test? That's possible! This article will explain more.

Creating the survey

You can create a survey using the Assessments section of our site. Click + New assessment, enter a title, then click + New assessment again.

You can create two types of Assessment: Multiple categories and Single scale. You can find out more about each option in this article. The Single scale option is easy for surveys, but it's up to you. 

Once you've made a choice, you can start adding questions. You can see all the different types of questions available for you to add to your survey here. We'll start by creating a Multiple choice question:

You can add an image to your question, up to ten answer options and add points to each answer (if you want to measure the results in a scale, for example the percentage to which your participants are satisfied with your product or service, but if you're going to review each result individually it's not necessary).

If you want your participants to elaborate on their ideas and thoughts, you can ask them to answer a Free text question (and you can determine if the question is mandatory or can be skipped):

Please bear in mind that these questions need to be graded/evaluated manually though 😉.

Start page

If you go the Start page tab you can add an introductory text to your Assessment, and even add a picture:


If you don't want your participants to see their results, as is the case with most surveys, you can edit the Categories in such a way that each person gets a "thank you for participating" page at the end, and only you can see their results. You can choose to write a description for each category:

Result page

If you don't want to show the scale diagram at the end, you can go to the Result page tab and select Use minimalistic ranking page, and deselect Show all categories:

Not all settings may appear for you depending on the design of your Assessment interface. Contact support if you want to have the Result page and other Assessment settings available for your account.

Login settings

Would you like people to identify themselves for your survey? Or would you like them to take it anonymously? You can edit these settings on the Participant data tab. You can make it mandatory, optional, or not required for your participants to identify themselves. You can also choose to place the login page at the start, or right before the result page of your Assessment:

Find out more about editing the settings of your login page here


Now, you can change the look of your survey to make it match the look and feel of your brand/personal style on the Styling tab:


On the Notifications tab, you can choose to receive an email whenever someone finishes taking your Assessment. You can read more about that here


Now, it's time to publish your Assessment! You can find the URL for sharing it on the Publish & share tab. You can copy and paste this URL to an email, social media post, or WhatsApp message. You could even add a button at the end of a Quiz/Exam/Course you've created with our tool, with a link to your survey! Super awesome, right?

You can see how to share you survey in detail here

Have people take your survey, and keep an eye on the statistics!

From the Assessment dashboard you can view the overall statistics.

From the Results tab you can gain even more insight. You can export the statistics to an Excel file. Or you can click Statistics per user, then View details, to see each participant's given answers.

Take our survey 😃

Now you can take a look at the survey I created while writing this article, so you can see what it looks like once it's done (and also give us your opinion on an important matter): take the survey
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