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You can design your Academy portal to match the look and feel of your website and brand. Add your own logo, login image, and much more!

Customizable elements

1. Images

You can add your own logo image and background image to the Academy. The logo will appear in the portal in addition to the login page. 

2. Fonts

You can choose from over 300 options from Google fonts for your header and body text. 

Header fonts

On the login page

On the overview

Body fonts

On the login page

On the overview

3. Colors

Primary colors

The primary color is the background color for all primary interface elements. If you haven't added any image to the start page of your Course or Exam, this color will appear as the background of your thumbnails as well:

Secondary colors

The secondary color is the background color for all secondary interface elements:

The Text color on secondary interface elements styles the text that is imposed over the secondary color, as you can see in the buttons above.

Surface colors

Page background color

Panel background color

If you selected white for the page background color and the panel background color, the panel background color will be darkened a bit so the elements can stand out.

Page text color

4. Advanced styling

Top bar background

Top bar text color

Logo section background color

Corner radius

The corner radius allows you to make the buttons rounded. The greater the number (max 25), the more rounded they will be. 

5. Status colors

You can read about the status colors here.
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