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With a Business Owl subscription, you get one admin as standard. With a Corporate or Enterprise subscription, you get two admins as standard. Additional admins can be purchased, as explained below.

Standard number of administrators per account level

Business Owl: 1 admin
Corporate Owl: 2 admins
Enterprise Owl: 2 admins

Do you want to add more admins?

How much is an extra admin?

You can select one of the following packages for additional admins.

1-4 admins: $10 (€8) per admin per month.

The cost per admin will decrease for every 25 additional admins added (up to 250):

5-25: Add up to 25 admins for $50(€45)/month
26-50: Add up to 50 admins for $50(€45)/month
51-150: Add up to 150 admins for $50(€45)/month
151-250: Add up to 250 admins for $50(€45)/month

Do you need more? Please contact us at for a custom quote. 

It's possible to add administrators with different access levels. This feature works with the Academy. Read more here.
Do I really need an extra admin?

We know that some of you simply share the login credentials for one account with colleagues. That's ok 😉, However, when you do this you run the risk of editing content at the same time as your colleague, in which case one of you would lose work, and only the work of whoever edited last would be saved.

From a security and privacy standpoint, multi-admin is really important, particularly for GDPR compliance. Perhaps you aren't permitted to (or just don't like to) share your login credentials with others. Or what if you have a colleague that leaves? They'll still have your credentials and access to your content. With multiple administrators, you can easily add and delete admins, and each admin has their own login credentials. It's secure, and easy to manage.

Requesting extra admins

Go to My account > Administrators to manage your account administrators, and request more if you need them.

Whoever opened the account will be the main account holder, and will automatically appear on this page. With a Corporate or Enterprise subscription, a second administrator can be added by clicking the Add administrator button:

Just enter the details in the pop-up, determine the access level of the new admin, and click Send invitation:

Your chosen administrator will then receive an invitation email with a link for creating their own password. You can track the status of the invitation in the Status column, which will either say Active or Pending. By clicking on the Edit icon, you'll be able to change the access level of the administrator.

If you find an invitation outstanding for a long time, or have a colleague that leaves, you can click the Delete icon to delete the second admin, and invite someone new in their place:

If you have used your admin allowance, and would like to request additional admins, click the Request more administrators button and provide us with some info in the pop-up:

A notification will be sent to our Support Owls, and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and pricing!
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