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Easy LMS does not include unlimited admin seats, but you can purchase additional seats. This article will explain more about the pricing.

The number of seats included vary by subscription level:

The Business Owl subscription only includes the account owner and no additional admin seats
The Corporate Owl and Enterprise Owl subscriptions include the account owner and one additional account admin seat

Our pricing per unit decreases as you add more admins. You can select one of the following packages:

From 1-4 admin seats, each seat will cost $10 (€8) per admin per month
Or, add anywhere from 5-250 admin seats for a total of $50(€45) per month

You can purchase additional admin seats and manage admins from My account > Administrators.

If you need more than 250 admin seats, please contact to discuss custom pricing.

Different roles for different administrators

It is possible to add administrators with different access levels. Learn more about admin roles here.
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