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Yes, you can! And it's very simple, actually. Keep reading to find out how.

This would simply be a variant on the standard Multiple Choice Question, which is available for all our test formats. All you have to do is only write two answer options and leave the rest 'blank'. 

Creating true or false questions for your tests

I'll show you how to do it for the Exam section of our tool, but it's a similar process for Quizzes and Assessments 😃

Go to you Exam and select Questions > Create new question > Multiple Choice.

Create two answer choices: True and False. Select which answer is correct.

True or false questions with image answers

Another creative way is by adding an image answer, showing true and false images as answers.

When choosing the question type, pick Large images.

Then add some pictures to illustrate the question:

This is how your participants will see the question:

You can also check the other question types we offer.
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