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If you would like to have any information about our company removed from the interface of your tests, read on!

White-labeling tests

When viewing your test, you may find a sentence at the bottom of the screen saying Online Exam Builder part of Easy LMS or Online Quiz Creator part of Easy LMS. This sentence provides a reference to our website so people who are interested in creating their own tests with our tool know where to look.

However, you might not want your participants to know that you've used our software to set up your tests. Perhaps you also don't want them to be distracted from the content of your test.

That's why there's also an option to white label your tests. With a white labeled test, any information or link referring to our company will be removed.

How can I access white-label?

All your tests will be white-labeled automatically as soon as you are subscribed to a Business Owl plan or above. You can check out their features and prices on our pricing page.

The Corporate Owl level provides you with access to advanced CSS styling to match the interface of your tests with your company's logo, colors, images and other branding.
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