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Already have a PowerPoint presentation and want to convert it to one of our Courses? Here are your options.

You might have a PowerPoint presentation that you would like to convert to a Course. Although it's not possible to import a .ppt presentation directly to a Course, there are several other options.

Option 1

It is a simple matter of taking screenshots from your PowerPoint presentation, and adding those images to your Course. 

To add the screenshots to your Course, just take the following steps:

Go to your Course (or create one if you haven't done so yet)
Go to Slides in the menu of the Course
Click Add new Slide > Content
Enter a Title for your slide and click Save
Choose Add element and select Image
Upload the screenshot of your PowerPoint slide and click Save

You can see all the steps illustrated in this article.

Option 2

Alternatively, you also have the option of adding your PowerPoint file to your Course for your participants to download. Find out how to do that in this help article.

Option 3

Whilst we don't support PowerPoint, we do support Prezi. Have a look at this article about adding a Prezi presentation to a Course.

At the moment, we support Prezi Present (not Prezi Design) presentations. Please select the correct option before you start transferring your .ppt to Prezi!

PowerPoint presentations can be converted to Prezi presentations, check out Prezi's support article on how to do that here.

For more information, check our How to create an online Course tutorial to get started with our software.

Video tutorial

Video subtitles available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. To activate the subtitles, click on the Cogwheel > subtitles/CC > Select a language for the subtitles.

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