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You can receive notification emails containing participant information and results.

For Exams, Assessments, and Courses there is a setting available to get notified whenever someone finished your test. You can also send the results directly to the participants.

For Exams

This feature can be found in your Exam dashboard at the bottom of the page:

Or on the menu on the left:

The email includes a link of the results of the test in the Dashboard of your account.

For Assessments

You can find this setting in the Notifications tab of your test:

After you've selected to get notified you can enter the email address where you would like to receive the notification emails. The results and chosen answers are listed in the email.

For Courses

You can find this setting by going from your Settings > Advanced tab in your course:

The email will notify you that someone has completed a Course. If you have added an Exam, a link to the results in the Dashboard of your account will also be included.
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