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In some situations you might want to restrict the access to a test to a specific list of people. We understand! This is how you can restrict access to your learning content created with Easy LMS.

It's possible to simply share the link of your Exam, Course, Assessment, or Quiz. This link can be found at the Publish tab. You may, however, want to add participants beforehand, so they can receive an invitation email with a link to access the learning content you shared with them. This option is available in our platform for Exams, Courses, and the Academy.

Exams and Courses


Go to the Access tab in the menu of your Exam, and in the option Who can access this Exam? select a predefined group of participants. The required participant information in Participant data will automatically be changed to  Name, email address & password.

On the same page you can add your participants either one at a time or in bulk using a CSV Excel file. You can find an example file for importing when you click on Import participants from Excel. Please make sure your first row is labeled username;email.

Make sure to also check for any blank spaces behind the names and email addresses, or our system won't be able to import them! You can check the success of your import afterwards, find out more here.

Now it's time to set up the invitation email that you will send. In the Send email section you will find a template for the invitation. Feel free to edit this text and customize it to your own ideas and tone of voice.

There are several text elements with {tags} around them. These tags will automatically be overwritten with participant-specific information in our system. So instead of {name} it will insert the real participant's name, and instead of {password} it will generate a unique password for each of your participants. In other words; you should leave these {tagged} elements alone.

When a participant opens his invitation email he can simply click on the direct link (here). This will automatically log him in and it will redirect him to the exam! ✨

In Exams, you can track what emails have been sent to participants, and when, using the Activity log.

Go to the Participant data tab in your course then select Only by invite. In the option What type of basic info should participants enter? select  Name, email address & password. Click Save.

Go to the Participants tab and add your participants using an Excel file or one-by-one.
Go to the Invitation email tab to set up your email, then go to Send invitations to send them.

After a certain period of time you can also send Reminder emails to the people who haven't taken the Course.

Note that there is a limit to the number of invitations you can send per day, and your rate limit depends on your subscription type.

Rate limits for invitation emails

Enterprise Owl - 6,000 per day
Corporate Owl - 3,000 per day
Business Owl - 1,000 per day
School Owl - 250 per day
Trial accounts - 20 per day

You can limit the number of attempts per participant to discourage your participants from sharing their unique access code with other people. Find this option under Access in Exams and in Advanced in Courses where it says Maximum attempts per participant. Once this limit is reached, the participants will get a message saying that the learning content is no longer available.


You can restrict access to your learning content shared to specific groups in the Academy. That's exactly what the Academy is for! Here's how that can be done:

Go to the Academy and create groups of participants at the Groups tab.
Inside a group, click to add participants. You can add participants you've previously added to an Exam or Course, for example, using the option "Add existing participant(s)" or add new participants with an Excel file or one-by-one:

Go to the Invitation email tab to set up your invitation email.
Now, assign learning content to each group by going to the Learning content tab, or to a Group > Learning content tab. Assigning learning content will trigger the sending of the invitation emails. Any new participant added to a group with learning content assigned will get an invitation email right away.
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