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We all have busy lives, and it can be easy to forget to take a test. Our reminder feature helps you to prevent this from occurring.

After you have initially invited your participants to take your Exam or Course (using the invitation feature as explained in this article) you can resend them the invitation.

Sending reminders for Exams and Courses

Reminding a single participant to take an Exam

On the Access tab of your Exam, open the More actions menu for the participant you wish to remind (that's the three gray dots) and click Resend invitation:

That's it! The participant will receive a duplicate of the original email.

Sending reminders to all participants

This feature is available for Courses and Exams. 

For Exams, go to Send email > Send > Send reminder email(s):

For Courses, go to Send invitations > Send reminder emails:

The participants will receive a duplicate of the original email.

You can send reminders to participants with the status Email sent, Failed to send email or Started test.

Sending reminders from the Academy

In the Academy > Groups > Progress report tab is also possible to filter your participants by progress and send them a reminder email (for example, when there are many participants who haven't completed a Course, or you've published new content in the Academy and would like to call attention to it):

An email will be sent to your selected participants (based on the filters of your choice). The email will be sent in the language of your Academy (it's not possible to edit this email at the moment).

If you want to send group notifications in the Academy, please read this article about Group notifications.
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