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With Exams and Assessments it is possible to send an email with the results to the participant.

It's not possible to delay the sending of the emails with the results to the participants, or edit the results before sending them. The emails will be triggered to be sent as soon as the participant finishes the Exam or Assessment.


When someone completes an Exam you can choose to receive a notification in your email and send the result page to the participant.

This feature can be found in your Exam dashboard:

If you select under Participant notification the option Send results to exam participant, you'll see the following options:

Here you can edit the email that is going to be sent to the exam participant along with their results. The tags shown above can be used to compose your email with user data information.


When a participant has finished taking the Assessment, you can receive an email notifying you and/or email their result to them. If you've asked them to leave their email address, that is.

Please find this setting under Notifications in the menu of your Assessment.

Tick the checkbox where it says Send an email to the assessment user with the results when finished.

You can then edit the email that will be sent to the participant.

In your email, all the words between { } should be left unchanged: These terms will be automatically replaced by the program with tag-specific information of the user. Please find all the available tags below the email creator.
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