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Do you want to ensure that your participants spend a specified amount of time on a content slide, for regulatory purposes? That's possible.

For all of our plans, you can add a timer for each content slide within your Course Slides.

How can I set a timer?

To add a timer to a new content slide, go to Course > Slides > Add slide > Content > Minimum duration in minutes and then Save:

To add a timer to an existing content slide in your curriculum, go to Edit > Slide settings:

The minimum duration for a slide is one minute. It must be an integer, a whole number.

How does it look to your participants?

This is how it will look to your participants:

You can see by default a blue NEXT button that represents the full time, and will become darker as time progresses. When a participant hovers over the button, they will see the time that is remaining for them:

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