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There are three layout options for the Result page of your Exam. Read below to learn the possibilities.

Go to your Exam > Result page and select a layout for your Exam result page:

If you click Select a layout, there are three options to choose from:

Feedback: by selecting this option, you can show questions, answers, explanations for each, and scores.
Basic: this is a standard result page where no extra info is given. You can choose this option to thank your participants for taking the test, and if you don't want them to see the results just yet.
Leaderboard: this option allows your participants to see how they measure up to their colleagues. Depending on their score and how long they took to take the Exam, they can have higher or lower positions.

1. Feedback

By default, this layout option will show the score (title), the points achieved (subtitle), and the questions and answers of the Exam. If you have added explanations (feedback) to your questions and answers, they will appear there too.

If you want something other than the score and the points to appear as the title and subtitle, please add another text for each, without the code {score}.

2. Basic

Hiding the results of your Exam

The second layout option for the result page is ideal for when you want to create a simple result page, just thanking your participants for taking your Exam, or when you have added free text questions to your Exam that need to be graded afterward, or simply want to avoid cheating. You can find step-by-step instructions for hiding Exam Results here.

If you don't want the default text with the score to appear as the title, please write something else as your title instead, without the code {score}.

3. Leaderboard

You can also create a little competition between your participants by showing a leaderboard or ranking at the end. That works similarly as the ranking in a Quiz, and the participants are ranked based on the time taken to complete the Exam and their score. For that layout to work, you need to ask for participant data.
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