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Need help choosing the best plan for your organization? This article explains what you can achieve with each plan.

If you check our pricing page, you can see that we have different paid subscription plans. How do you know what the best option is for you? I'll try to explain in a simple way the most outstanding features of each plan:

Our plans

Business Owl ($ 50/month or €45/month): with this paid subscription plan, you can create tests and courses, add images, see the results of your test takers, randomize question bank, asking for participant information on the login page, issuing certificates with a basic template, setting up a time and date for your tests, and adding users and inviting them to take your tests and courses.

Corporate Owl ($ 99/month or €89/month): this plan includes all features that are part of the Business Owl package plus generating custom made certificates with our certificate editor, integrations with 3rd party tools, and two adminsincluded as standard, with the option to purchase more if needed.

You can include the Academy as an add-on (+ $50/month or €45/month) to the Business and Corporate Owl plans.
Enterprise Owl ($ 250/month or €235/month): this plan includes everything in the Corporate Owl plan and also some super awesome features (a setup fee might be charged for those, please contact us for more info) such as SSO (Single Sign On) and the Academy Portal.

How many people can take my tests with each plan?

We don't charge per person taking the tests, but by accesses, participations or plays per month, for the content you created, according to each plan:

Business Owl: up to 25,000 participant sessions per month.
Corporate Owl: up to 50,000 participant sessions per month.
Enterprise Owl: up to 100,000 participant sessions per month. (if you need a bigger number, please contact us).

Example: If you have a Business Owl plan, that means someone can take your quiz/course 25,000 times or 25,000 people can play it once. Understood? 😉

Don't understand what participant sessions are? Read more about it in this article. Need help understanding pricing? Please check this article.
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