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Having trouble with the embedding? We can help you with that!

In this article we walk you through the steps to embed your test on your own website. Did you go over those steps? And is your test not nicely integrated on your webpage? Is something not working the way you think it should?
Please check the common issues listed. 

Common embedding issues

Embedding a test in your WordPress website

With Wordpress, there are two 'gateways' to enter information on a webpage: Visual and Text. They might also be labelled "wysiwyg" and "< >".
You will find them above the text-field, where they are displayed as Tabs:

You might have been working with the Visual (or "wysiwyg") - Tab, but the embed code should be entered in the other Tab.
It is important to copy the embed-code in the "Text" (or "< >") - Tab, because the other one will be 'interpreting' your content and will usually cause your embed code to get scrambled and to not work properly.  😥

Part of the content gets cut off and there is no scroll bar

You are probably using another embedding code than the Javascript embed code that we provide for your test (under Publish in the menu of your test).
You might have intentionally used another method, or maybe your cms has overwritten the original code.

This is the way that you can check if the original code is used:
.  Go to the webpage where you are embedding the test
.  Right-click somewhere in that page and select View page source
.  Look for the embed code there (Ctrl+F the word Quizworks)

Then answer this question:
Is the code exactly the same as the one provided by us?

If the answer is YES > Please contact us (see info below)
If the answer is NO > Please double check the process of embedding, and ask your webmaster/web designer if there is a way to allow for Javascript embedding.

Contact us

If your specific problem is not mentioned in this article, please feel free to contact us. We will do everything in our power to help you fix it!  😎

The information that we need to investigate your situation is the following:
.  a description of the issue
.  your account email address
.  the title/url of the test that you are embedding
.  the url of the webpage where you are embedding your test
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