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How to receive data from Mailchimp in your account using Mailchimps integration, Zapier and the Easy LMS API.

We assume you have a Zapier account. We use Zapier as the middle man to process the webhooks. 

Set up your Exam

Set up your exam so it's invite only.  

First, we need a trigger

This is where Zapier get's its data. In this case your Mailchimp account. 

Log in to your account in Zapier and create a new zapp.
As a trigger you choose Mailchimp. Choose the New Subscribers option and continue.
Connect your Mailchimp account.
Choose a list. Continue.
In the next step Mailchimp needs a new subscriber so add one to the list you selected in step 4. Wait until Zapier has pulled the data.

Now we're going to add an action

This is where Zapier will send the data it got from MailChimp. In this case it's your API within Easy LMS. 

Choose webhooks
In the next step choose Post
For the URL choose the endpoint of the API you want to use. For instance:
For the payload form choose Json
In the data section we need the following data:

apikey: the key from your Easy LMS account
email: use Email from the Mailchimp list.
name: choose Merges Fname and Merges Lname from the Mailchimp list.
examId: the ID from the exam you want to invite your subscriber to.

The rest of the fields can be left empty.
Finish and save your Zap

You're done

You're done. Test the integration by subscribing to your list and see that you are on the list of people with access in the access tab.
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