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How to setup an integration with your woocommerce plugin for wordpress to create a connection between your webshop and our Academy or Exam.

Let's start with the assumption that you have Wordpress installed with the WooCommerce plugin


Create an account for Zapier or log in with your existing one. 

Set up the Trigger

Create a new Zap
For the trigger choose WooCommerce
Follow the steps of the Zapier trigger

Set up the Action

For the trigger search for webhook and select it
In the next step choose the Post option
For the URL choose the URL from the API you want to use, for example the invite to an Academy URL:
For the payload form choose Json
In the data section we need the following data:

apikey: the key from your Easy LMS account**
email: use Email from the Woocommerce list.**
name: choose Billing First Name and Billing Last Name from the Woocommerce list.
groups: the ID from the group you want to invite your subscriber to. The rest of the fields can be left empty. 

Finish and save your Zap

You're done!

You're done. Test the integration by buying something in your WooCommerce shop and see that you are on the list of people with access in the participants tab of your selected group.

You can read more about how to sell your learning content created with Easy LMS here.
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