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You can allow your participants to navigate freely through Course content, or not!

With Easy LMS you can create Courses, and include Exams or Assessments within your Courses.

If you have an Exam or Assessment included in your Course, you might wish to allow your participants to view previous slides and use them as a reference point while the Exam or Assessment are in progress. Or you might prefer that they have to take the Exam or Assessment from memory, without referring back to earlier content slides. We have a setting for that!

You can find the setting in your Course by going to your Slides, and either adding or editing an Exam or Assessment slide. You will see two options in the Navigation behavior section:

Allowing navigation

If you allow participants to navigate through Course slides while taking the Exam or Assessment, they will be able to visit all slides they have previously visited, and then return to the Exam or Assessment and pick up where they left off. 

Preventing navigation

If you prevent participants from navigating through Course slides while an Exam or Assessment is in progress, they will be unable to visit slides they have previously visited, and can only continue with the test.

From the Start page and Result page of the Exam or Assessment navigation will not be limited, this is only while the questions are in progress.

What about navigation from other slide types?

With either setting, participants can navigate back to any other type of slide visited previously at any point prior to completion of the Course. The setting only affects navigation from Exams and Assessments. 

Once the Course has been completed, it will only be possible to navigate back to the Landing page or Introduction, from where a new session can be started (depending on the number of attempts you have allowed per participant in your Advanced settings).

Why do my navigation settings differ per Course?

We introduced Course navigation as a new feature on January 30, 2020 at around 16:00 CET. Any Exam or Assessment slides created prior to this will have the navigation settings disabled by default. We didn't want to mess with the existing behavior of your Courses, in case you liked things just the way they were! Any Exam or Assessment slides created after the new feature was released will have navigation enabled by default. But don't worry, you can adjust the settings whenever you like!
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