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It's possible to generate a certificate at the end of a Course and have it sent directly to the course participant.

With an Exam integrated into a Course you can choose to generate a certificate for the Exam, and/or for the Course.

At the moment, it's only possible to create custom certificates for Exams. If you want to create a custom certificate for your Course, please create an Exam first, with a certifiate in it, and then add such Exam to your Course.

Video tutorial - create a background image for your certificate

Generating a certificate for your Course in the Exam tool

Since it's possible to add an Exam (or multiple Exams) to your Course, you may choose to issue a certificate directly from the Exam (if the participant passes).

The Exam certificate can created directly in the Exam tool as explained in this article.
when you select Certification. You can generate a certificate for a specific score range of your Exam.

You can also choose to have it emailed to the participant (this will only work if you have the name and email address of the participant, so you need to ask for some login details.

If you are using the certificate editor with custom questions in your Exam, and this Exam is inside a Course, don't forget to ask the same questions at the Participant data tab of your Course in order to provide input for the certificate!

During the Course, the participant can download the certificate from the result page of the Exam.

Generating a certificate directly from the Course section

The Course certificate can be created in the Course tab called Certificate. It'll be generated for every participant who reaches the end slide of your Course.

If you'd like to have this aligned with a specific Exam score, you should set the pass rate for the Exam in your Course.  You can find this pass rate setting at Edit for the Exam in the Slides section of your Course.

So let's get started:

Go to your Course dashboard > Select a Course > Certificate:

You can also enable the option to email the certificate to the participant (this will only work if you have the name and email address of the participant, so you need to ask for some login details at the start page).

The participant can also download the PDF certificate at the End slide of a Course.

In the Certificate tab you can edit the content of the email used to send the certificate.

Now you can choose a layout (please note that the certificate layout options for Exams and Courses can be different) for your certificate:

Now you can choose a background image for your certificate (or upload your own with your company logo, colors and image 😉).

You can create your own background image using an image editor or a graphic design tool, such as Find some background image templates here. You can also read the whole tutorial about how to create a certicificate background image.

You can also choose between several different font types and change the color of the text and download a preview of your certificate:

Click Save after you're done and your certificate is ready! You can even take a look at it by downloading a preview. 

If you are new to this, you can also take a look at this article explaining how to create an online Course.
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