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It's very easy to create a QR code with the link of your test, making it easier for your users to access it from their mobiles.

There are several ways to share your test with your participants, as is explained in this article. When you are sharing the direct link to a test or course, you might want to consider using a QR code for that.

A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a variation to a bar-code. If you create a QR code for the link to your online test, scanning this code with a smartphone will take a participant directly to the test.  😎

This is an example of a QR code, for our website

There are several advantages to using a QR code to share the link to an online test. The greatest one would be that you are saving your participants 'the trouble' of transfering/entering the URL manually in their device.

Creating a QR code works well for situations where you want to make a link to the test available in a banner, flyer or package.

You can find the link of your tests and courses at the Publish tab:

You can use a QR code generator, such as this one: to transform your link into a QR code:

To scan a QR code, you need to use a QR code scanner. There are many free apps available for this purpose.
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