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We don't have an app for our tool. However, our program is fully responsive and mobile-friendly; it looks great and works perfectly on all sorts of devices, including PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

Why doesn't Easy LMS have an app?

Because we prefer to spend more time and energy building our software to be accessed from a regular Internet browser. You can get our latest releases as soon as they are out, and we get less bug complaints from you 😉

If you have you own app and want to embed your content created in Easy LMS there, you can try embedding the code found at the Publish tab of your tests and courses. For that to work (if it works) the app needs to be connected to the Internet. That leads us to the next question...

Can Easy LMS be used offline?

Our system is a cloud-based software, so, it's not possible to use it offline or download it to your computer. You can, however, print your Exam or export your questions in order to have access to your content offline or on paper. You can also export your results into an Excel file.

Responsive design

A responsive website scales with the size of the screen without sacrificing readability or usability of the user interface. Whatever device you're using, it'll always display the right size for your device. This makes it easy to stay connected for everyone.

You only need a device connected to the internet and you're good to go! Easy LMS is set up to be 'fully responsive', which means that your learning content will look awesome and work well on all sorts of devices - including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. If you have any device with a screen that is connected to the internet: You're good to go!

We noticed that for the admins is better to use a desktop computer. The screen size is bigger and better to visualize everything when creating learning materials and analyzing the results. For the participant/learner, though, Easy LMS is quite popular in its mobile version!
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