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Do you need a tool to train or test your team?  Would you like to take your training and test materials into the 21st century? That's what you can do with Easy LMS. In less than 3 minutes I will show you how to use Easy LMS for your business. Easily create courses and different types of tests, such as a more serious exam with certification, surveys or personality tests and even fun quizzes. You can even set up your own learning portal where you can publish your content for your audience. The portal works as a course library and can be fully branded. You don't even have to tell anyone you are using Easy LMS.

Creating learning content

Creating learning content here is very simple. First, choose the type of content you would like to create. To create a course, for example, click on Courses. You can then add slides with different elements: text, images, video and audio files, and so on. You can also add tests created in other sections of our tool. Done?

Sharing learning content

It's easy to simply share the link to your course, embed it on your website, send invitation emails through the platform, or publish it to specific groups in Academy

Viewing results

In each section, there's a Results tab, where you can see detailed reports about your participants' sessions. We are now looking at the results of an exam. You can even print these reports to impress your boss! In Academy, you can see the reports per person or per group and export reports from all sections into an Excel file.


Depending on your needs, it's also possible to set up integrations to send and receive data to and from other tools. 

Now you know how Easy LMS helps you take back control over your e-learning strategy. It is one centralized home to create and share tests and courses, and analyze the results of your users. It's the fastest and easiest way to train and test your team.

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