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Are you looking for a simpler way to create tests for your employees, clients, or students? If you are a recruiter or a trainer, online tests can save a lot of time and company money. You can use online exams to test the knowledge of your participants and generate certificates. 

You can use surveys to learn more about their personality type and work style. How can that be done with Easy LMS? In your dashboard, you will see different types of tests to choose from. In this short video, I will show you how easy it is to create Exams and Assessments in our tool.


You can use Exams to create knowledge tests that a person can pass or fail, with different types of questions to choose from. The system grades the tests automatically, and you can even generate certificates at the end. Import your multiple-choice questions from an Excel file, add images and videos, change the colors and fonts, add your logo, and make your Exam come to life!

Select the Exam behavior

Choose different behaviors for your Exam: allow users to skip questions, show feedback after answering a question, add a time limit to your Exam, and randomize questions from a question bank. The possibilities are endless!

Publish your Exam

To publish it, share the link to your Exam with your participants, or send them an email with a link and password. You can also embed the Exam on your website! 

Track participant progress

You can collect data from your participants to track their progress. On the Results tab, you can see individual results and the overall Exam results. It can all be printed and downloaded for further analysis. 


Now, if you want to create a personality type of test, for example, to learn more about your audience's strengths and weaknesses, you can do that with our Assessment product. Choose a type of Assessment to start with, then create some categories.

Create categories or outcomes for your Assessment

When creating your questions, remember to link each answer to at least one category. In this way, you can generate a specific outcome in the end. 

Send the results to a participant by email

The results can be sent to participants by email and can be found on the Results tab. You can download them and use them to help you in your decision-making process.

Now you know how easy it is to create online tests with Easy LMS. Create your tests, share them, and analyze the results quickly in our platform. No more time and money wasted on paper tests and even live interviews. And that was in less than 3 minutes! Imagine how much more productive you could become?

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