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Would you like to sell your Courses and Exams created with Easy LMS? Although we don't have a payment system integrated with our tool, there are different ways to sell your content created here. How exactly does that work? In less than 3 minutes, I'll explain how you can do that with Easy LMS.

Get a separate payment method

First, you will need a separate payment method. Then, you can choose how you want to give access to your content. 

Manually add paying participants with invite-only

Some of our clients organize the payments via other channels, and then manually add the users who have paid to access the content. That can be done with our invite-only feature for Courses, Exams, and the Academy. 

Embed your content in a restricted area of your website

Another way you can do this is by embedding your content on your website, or making it available in a gated area of your website, only accessible to paying users. 

Automate the whole process with API integration

You can also automate the whole process with API integration. Here's how it works: your client buys the Course or Exam (or a combination of both) from your website, then an API integration sends the client's data automatically to Easy LMS. The client then receives an invitation email to access the material they purchased. 

To recap, if you want to make this work in an automated way, you will need: an Easy LMS account that allows integrations, an online payment tool, a Zapier account to set up the integration between the two.

In the video, we show an example of a Shopify account we created to show you how to sell online Courses and Exams: you can customize the store and brand it to your liking, then add your products. When a client makes a purchase, he will automatically receive an invitation email to access the material you created in Easy LMS! The API integration works for Exams and the Academy. If you want to sell Courses, you can use the Academy to create groups of Courses.

Update: We now have an API for Courses that makes it possible to sell individual Courses built in our system. Learn more here.

Now you know how to sell your e-learning materials created with Easy LMS!

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