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This is the payload we send for the exam webhook.

Exam webhook payload

This is the json format we send as the payload for the exam webhook:

"player_date_created":"2017-09-27 01:50:33",
"player_name":"John Doe",
"player_company_name":"company name",
"player_company_function":"company function",
"player_address_country":"Country code",
"player_custom_open_1":"value 1",
"player_custom_open_2":"value 2",
"player_custom_dropdown_1":"option 1",
"session_start":"2017-09-27 01:50:33",
"session_end":"2017-09-27 02:20:21",
      "question":"title of your question",
       "answer":["answer of your question"],
       "title of your question",
       "answer":["answer 1 of your question","answer 2 of your question"],
"exam_title":"Title of your exam"

Read this article to learn how to set up the webhook integration for your Exam.

We are currently changing the format of the following values: assessment_id, course_id, exam_id, question_id, and session_id. If you encounter any problems with your webhooks, please contact support.
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