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Do you want to switch from a monthly plan to a yearly plan? That's a smart move, because you'll get a discount of two monthly payments.

Subscribe for a yearly plan in your account settings

You can subscribe to a yearly plan by clicking on your account avatar image in the lower-left corner. Select Plans & pricing:

Then click on Show yearly prices and choose the yearly plan you'd like:

If you don't want to lose the remaining days of your monthly subscription, get in touch with our Support Owls via email, preferably before you subscribe to a yearly plan. The Support Owls will ensure the yearly subscription gets extended by the remaining days of your monthly subscription.

Subscribe to the yearly plan:

That's it! Your monthly plan will automatically be overwritten. No need to cancel it.

If you change from a monthly to a yearly plan or back, nothing will happen to your data. Your learning content, participant data, and session results will be safe.
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