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Identifying your participants in the results of your tests and courses is possible if you ask them to self-register at the login page or add them using the invite-only feature.

You can set the login requirements for your tests and courses with any paid plan.

If you don't ask for any participant information, you won't be able to identify your participants in the Results tab. Also, your participants shouldn't use the same email address. The email address is what differentiates between participants in the system, and controls the number of attempts per participant.

Setting up the login settings

Just go to the test/course that you would like to edit, and click on the Participant data tab:

Here you can decide whether logging in is:

Not required
By invite only (this option is only available for Exams and Courses)

You can also select the details you would like a user to provide when logging in:

Name & email address
Name, email address, and password

Extra questions

If you're a Business Owl or higher, you can ask participants to fill in extra fields, and ask custom questions:

Custom questions

You can use custom questions to ask your users anything you like!

For Exams, 10 open text questions can be asked, and one drop-down question.

For Quizzes, Courses, and Assessments, two open text questions can be asked, and one drop-down question.

Once your test is online, you can review the results of the participants and the user data at the Results tab.
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