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This article describes the basic steps you need to take to create a test.

When you log in to your account you will see four sections called Exams, Courses, Assessments, and Quizzes. These are the sections of our tool that you can use to create learning content in our tool:

If you're not sure which section would be best to use for your test, please check out the article What are the available formats for setting up a test?

Once you have chosen the right format, you are ready to create your test or course!

Starting a new test or course

If you go to the section of your choice, you will see a button in the top right corner of the screen saying + New quiz / + New course / + New assessment or Create new exam depending on your selection:

If you click on the button a text field will appear where you can enter a title for your test. Don't worry about coming up with the very best title for your test at this point, you can change the name later 😎.

Click on the + New quiz / + New course / + New assessment or Create new exam button again to continue.

Adding questions and answers/slides to your content

On the Questions tab of your test, you can enter your questions and answers:

If you have a document with a lot of questions ready, you can import them to Exams and Quizzes to save yourself some time and effort πŸ˜….

For Assessments, you will need to set up the possible outcomes of your test.

For Exams, you can also enter the feedback to be displayed at the end of the test.

In Courses, instead of questions, you should add slides to your Course curriculum. But you can add an Exam or an Assessment to a Course.

Choosing the right settings

There are many settings available for your test, and some of them depend on the specific format that you choose to use.

We'll just quickly go over a few of the common settings that you can adjust for your test here:

Setting the language of your test (under Settings for Quizzes, Courses, and Assessments or Start page for Exams)
Limiting the amount of times a participant can take the test (under Settings for Quizzes, Courses, and Assessments or Access for Exams)
Choosing some nice colors for the interface (under Styling)
Social media sharing settings (under Social)
Setting a time limit (for Quizzes under Settings, and Exams under Access)
Choosing the elements for the Result page (for Exams and Assessments under Result page)

Choosing the best login settings

If you would like to be able to identify your participants and review their results for your test, you need to choose the right settings for this under the Participant data

You can ask your participants to fill in their: Name, Email address, Age, Gender, Company, Address, Job title ... the possibilities are endless.

Share your material with your audience

When you've created your test, and you're happy with it, it's time to share it with your participants✨.

Whether you'd like to add it to your website, share it via Facebook, send out personal invitations, or just share the link to the test somewhere, you'll find the information for this on the Publish tab of your test or course.

Try it yourself!

That was the very basics of setting up a test. Please feel free to look around and explore the options.
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It's also possible to schedule a call to get a live demonstration of how to use our tool :[schedule a Demo](
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