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In this article, we will review how you can make your videos added from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and Brightcove private and secure.

You can add videos to your Courses and Exams from YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and Brightcove. Check out the following articles if you want to learn more about how to add videos to your Course or Exam.

At Easy LMS, we do not have native video. You might be wondering why we do not provide this service. We believe that many great video platforms are already available for your use (and it helps keep our prices affordable).

Nevertheless, all of the available video platforms have various options for keeping your videos private and secure. We will explain each site’s privacy settings and recommend the best option to use with Easy LMS.


Your videos can be public, private, or unlisted.

Public status: Videos can be seen and shared with anyone using YouTube.
Private status: Videos can only be seen by you and a select group of participants. As a result, they won't show up in YouTube's search results and won't appear to the people who visit your channel page.
To give someone access to the video, you will need to add their email address to your YouTube account. It is also important to note that your participants will also need to have their accounts.
Unlisted status: Videos can be seen and shared by anyone with a link. They won't show up in YouTube's search results unless someone adds your unlisted video to a public playlist. Your videos won't appear to anyone who visits your channel page; however, anyone with the link can re-share it.

Best option:

If you are using YouTube with Easy LMS, we advise you to use the Unlisted setting. Learn how to change YouTube privacy settings here.

Once your participants access the video from an Exam or Course, they could potentially share the link with other people. If you need to prevent this ability, we advise you to use Wistia, Vimeo, or Brightcove instead.


Videos on Wistia can either be locked or unlocked.

Unlocked: Anyone with the link can watch the video. If you remove the share video option, participants can view the video when the video plays from an Exam or Course but cannot access the direct link anywhere. Since they cannot see the link, they cannot share the video with anyone else. Therefore, the unlocked setting is entirely private, especially if paired with our invite-only feature.
Locked: Locked videos will not work with Easy LMS because link sharing is only possible when a video is unlocked. Your participants could only access a locked video from a separate invitation email sent from Wistia.

Best option:

We advise you to use the Unlocked link sharing option when adding videos from Wistia. Anyone invited to your Course or Exam can immediately watch the video, but they cannot share it with anyone else. Learn how to change Wistia privacy settings here.


Vimeo has quite a few privacy settings. The two that work with Easy LMS include Password and Hide from Vimeo.

Password: Your participants will need to enter a password before watching a video added to an Exam or Course. You can share password-protected videos with non-Vimeo members.
Hide from Vimeo Participants can watch the video from your Course or Exam, but the video will not appear in channels and groups on

You can hide the “Share” button from all private videos, which includes all of the privacy settings listed above.

Best Option:

Although all of the privacy options on Vimeo are quite good at preventing the video from being shared, the “Hide this video from” setting will give you the maximum security level without interrupting access from the Course or Exam. Learn how to change Vimeo privacy settings here.


There is not so much to say here as videos shared from Brightcove are private by default! The share video option is not available unless you manually configure the settings to allow it, and videos in your portal are not publicly accessible.
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