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This article describes the basic steps to create a Webinar for your participants using an third party.

At Easy LMS we want to allow our clients to create the learning platform they need to achieve their goals. For some clients creating a webinar is important. Easy LMS doesn't a built-in webinar feature. However, you can share your Webinar invitation via our platform or embed a livestream. Find out more below!

Method 1 - Vimeo or another live streaming video platform

Vimeo (and other tools, such as Youtube) allows live streaming!  Create a Vimeo account or log in using this link by clicking on Start free demo. You can test the live stream feature without payment, however you need Vimeo Premium if you want to keep using it. Vimeo Premium is $75 or €70 per month and it is billed annually.

Once you log in you will see a menu on the left side.

It is important to use the URL in the Link field and not the Embed code. You can also enable a chat function, add a description, and change the privacy settings.

Before going live we need to add this live stream to your course.

Log in to Easy LMS
Select a Course > Slides
Add or Edit a Content slide
Add element > Video or audio
Add the link of the live stream to the URL field.

After you are done click on the Next button in the top-right corner in Vimeo. On this page, take the tour for a short introduction.

With the Vimeo live streaming feature you can:

Enable a chat function
Create polls for viewers
Start a Q&A for viewers
Add graphics (e.g. logo) to your live stream.

To go live you either need to have a webcam ready, or connect with RTMP.

If you are using a webcam, the Go Live button can be clicked. Before you do that, navigate to the slide you added the live stream to. To make it easier to test, simply drag and drop the live stream slide to the top of your Slides.

Now click on Go Live. If the live stream has not started on the slide just refresh the page with F5.

You should now be able to see yourself live streaming within your Course!

Method 2 - GoToMeeting or another web conferencing tool

You will need an account on a platform like GoToMeeting, Zoom, or any other webinar software, which allows you to create a meeting which can be shared through a link.

Create a course

Log in to your Easy LMS account and follow these steps to create a Course:

Go to the Courses tab on your dashboard
Click on the + New course button
Enter the title of your Course and click + New course again

The title of your Course should be named something like Webinar [subject] [date of the webinar]

 You will now be taken to the settings. You may write an introduction now or write it later.

Go to Slides.

Click on Add slide > Content. Give this slide a title, for example Webinar. Click on Save. Now click on Add element > Content.

Depending on the third party you are using, it may look different. Now you have to paste the information and the URL of your online meeting. When you are using GoToMeeting you can copy the text of the invitation and paste this in the content of the slide. 

Your Webinar slide is now ready. 

What happens next?

Determine the time and date the webinar starts and make sure to communicate this with your participants. Start your meeting and begin your Webinar.

Your participants should be able to enter the Webinar through the link in the Course. 


If you have an Academy, you can add the course to one of your groups to share it with the relevant participants

Extra features

Since you are using the Course tab  to create a Webinar, you can use more features. You could start with some written text or videos so the participants are well prepared for the Webinar. You can also add an Exam to test their (newly) acquired knowledge.

If you want to know more about creating a Course, please click here!
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