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What is the Academy portal and how can it be useful to you?

With our standard plans and packages, the way to give access to your content is by sharing each test separately.

With the Academy portal, you can organize all of your learning content in one place, create groups of participants, assign content to these groups in a fast and easy way, and generate only one login and password for them to access all the material:

Academy pricing

You can have it in your account as a $50 or €45/month add-on for Business and Corporate Owl subscriptions. It is included in the Enterprise Owl package. You can read more about our subscriptions here. If you would like to test out the Academy, we can activate a free seven-day trial. Please check this article for more info on how to get started.

But how exactly does it work? Read on.

Admin view

From the admin standpoint, these are the options you have:

Learning content
On this tab, you can see a list of all the Exams and Courses you have created. Using the Groups option in the Actions column, you can either assign learning content to groups created on the Groups tab or all participants in your Academy using the Everyone option.

The styling tab provides you with all of the tools you need to match your Academy portal to your brand and website. Here, you can upload your logo image, pick your font, alter colors, etc. Learn more about your styling options here.

Here you can adjust the title of your Academy, select the language for it, and connect to Disqus. You can choose whether participants can view session details and answers in their portal or not, which is handy in a classroom setting if you want to prevent cheating. You can also set up your domain. You have two options for setting up your domain. Find out more here.

This page shows an overview of all participants inthe your Academy. You can add, remove, and manage your participants here. New or existing participants can be added one-by-one or in bulk. If you don't want to manually import the participants, you can have them sent from your CRM system to our system using an API (available for Corporate Owls and above). If you remove participants on this page, they will also be deleted from all groups. You can read more about inviting participants to the Academy here.

It's possible to create different Groups of participants for your portal. You may name them by classrooms, stores, clubs, teams, or whatever you prefer. They can also be a way to organize courses about the same topic.

Invitation email

Here you can view and edit the email that is sent to a participant when he is added to an Academy group that has content assigned to it. The email generates a unique password for each participant, that can be changed afterward.


On the Results tab, you can view the Exam and Course results per Academy group. You can also export your selection into an Excel file.


Would you like to add your participants to specific groups in Academy? That is possible with our API. Read more here.

Participant view

If you want to see the Academy from the participant standpoint, you can add yourself to the list of participants and assign some content to the group you belong to. Then click on the link on the email you receive, or click on Go to Academy and copy-paste the code from the email you receive.

Your portal will be styled with the Easy LMS logo, colors, and fonts by default - you can use the Styling options mentioned above to make your participants feel at home in your own branded environment.

Here's an example:

Once inside the portal, your participants are able to see all learning content that was assigned to them, which Exams or Courses they have already completed, review their grades, and see which ones still need to be done.

They can toggle between two views. They can choose a thumbnail overview:

Or a list overview:

If you are interested or still have questions, we can give you an online demo to show you the portal. Just schedule a time here. We can also activate a free trial of the Academy portal if you already have a paid plan with us.
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