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Here we explain the basics of the recorded time you'll see in an individual's results and in an exported file.

The amount of time a participant took to complete your Exam is a useful statistic to keep track of. If you're not sure how to set a time limit for your Exam, please read this article. Where can you find the time a participant spent on an Exam?

Results tab

The time displayed in the Results section is the total time a participant needed to submit his answers and complete the Exam. To view this, go to Exams > Choose Exam > Results > More options > View details:

The total time used can be seen in the third block. You'll also see if the participant completed the Exam or not.

Export file

To view the used time in the export file, first download it from the Results section. Go to Exams > Choose Exam > Results > Export results > All results:

Column F displays the duration, which will match the time shown in the Results section shown above.

The start and end time is also displayed, along with the dates, in columns D and E, respectively. 

Now that you know where to find the time each participant used for the Exam, you may ask yourself: Why would I use the export file if I can view the total time in the Results section? Read on to find out why.

Time discrepancy

In the export file, it can be that the difference between the Start and End time does not match the amount of time displayed in the Duration column.  Why?

This is because the system makes checks the time when each question is answered. 

So it could be that the time limit expires after a question is started, but before it is answered. In this case, the time that appears in the End column will be the time that the question is answered, when the next time check occurs. When the end time is logged, participants will be redirected to the Result page. The Duration will still be the time limit that you set, and no scores will be counted after your time limit expires. 

This time discrepancy can be an useful information to have. If you notice it occurring a lot, perhaps your Exam is too difficult, or you simply haven't allowed enough time for it?

Long story short, don't worry about your participants being able to exceed the time limit of your Exam!
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