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Are you expecting a significant number of participants to access your content at the same time? There are account limits that apply to your situation. You will find more information about that in this article.

Please contact support before giving your Exam, Course, Assessment, or Quiz to concurrent participants because this can cause a temporary overload on our servers. As a result, you might experience problems with your learning content.

How many people can access my learning content at the same time (simultaneously)?

There’s a limit to the number of simultaneous participants per subscription level to prevent our servers from being overloaded (this limit is different from participant sessions):

Business Owl: 500 participants. 100 participants during a free trial.
Corporate Owl: 1,000 participants. 100 participants during a free trial.
Enterprise Owl: 2,000 participants. 100 participants during a free trial.

For more traffic, you have to pay extra for a simultaneous participant usage fee. For every 2,000 simultaneous participants, you have to pay $250, on top of your current subscription price. If you need more than that, we will calculate the correct price for you.

How to pay the extra fee for simultaneous participants

Send us a message at or through the chat at least three days in advance. Tell us the number of expected participants and the date and time of the event. We will inform the developers, and they will be notified if something goes wrong with the website.

The support consultant will either give you a link to pay for the extra fee or update the price of your subscription.

If support provided you with a link, inform them that you have completed the payment, so they can put your subscription back to what it was before.

Inform support if you are planning on using invitation emails. Your account has a limit of invitation emails that you can send per day, and that limit needs to be upgraded, to send your emails. Please send your emails in advance to make sure they are delivered before the test.

During the day of the test or event

Our servers scale automatically to fit more participants. The whole scaling process can take up to 10 minutes, and during this time, your learning content might run very slow.


Give your participants adequate time to access the learning content before the official start time. It’s possible to set an opening time for an Exam (in the Access tab) or Quizzes, Assessments, and Courses (Settings > Advanced), so the participants cannot start right away. This way, all participants will access the learning content in due time while our servers scale to fit them.
Give your participants a way to contact you (not Easy LMS) should they run into any problems. You can add a contact email address or telephone number at the Start page/Settings of your learning content or on the content of your Invitation email (if supported).
Send out the invitation emails and reminder emails in advance. Not on the day of the test or event!
Be patient while our servers scale automatically.


Don’t repeatedly reload the learning content start page or ranking page (in Quizzes), and inform your participants to avoid that, too. This action will only overload the servers even more.
Don’t send invitation emails or reminder emails just before the start time. Emails are put in a queue before they are sent out. When there are many emails in the queue, it can take a few minutes before all emails are sent. Therefore, send your emails at least one day before the test or event.
Don’t panic! A bit of patience goes a long way while our servers expand automatically to support your participants.
Don’t send multiple messages to support during the test or event. You should get all the information you need before the test.
Don’t give your content to multiple participants during a free trial. Not only does it constitute an abuse of our terms, but we also cannot provide any support should anything go wrong. In addition, we reserve the right to block your sessions.

Our support and development teams don’t work on weekends. Therefore, we discourage you from planning your test or event on the weekend because we cannot provide you immediate help. However, if you still want to do it, you still have to inform support!
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