Do you have a SCORM module and want to add it to one of your Courses? Here is how you can import it to Easy LMS!

It is possible to add your SCORM module to a Course.

First, you need to contact our support at so that they can enable it in your account.

Once support has enabled this feature, you can add your SCORM module to a Course slide with the following steps:

Select a Course.
Go to an existing Content slide or create a new slide by following this path: Dashboard> Courses > Course dashboard > Create > Slides> Select Content slide
Click the Add new element button
Select SCORM
Select your SCORM module to upload
Click the Save button

Your Course will now display the SCORM module as an element on the slide! Your participant can navigate through it.

It is a SCORM viewer only. We do not track the participant’s progress within the SCORM module

There are some restrictions on the format of your SCORM file:

We only support:

Zipped SCORM modules up to ~5MB
SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004
SCORM modules that provide their own navigation
Simple Single SCO

We do not support:

Tin Can API / xAPI / cmi5 / AICC
Keeping track of the participant’s progress within the SCORM module
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