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You can add an Exam or an Assessment as part of your Course slides.

Click here to see our tutorial on how to create a Course.

You can add Exams or Assessments created in the other sections of our tool to your Course. This workflow is useful because you can use the same Exams or Assessments in multiple Courses.

If you already have a Course created and want to add an Exam or Assessment to it, here's how to do that!


Check this article to see how you can create an online Exam.

Go to Courses in the dashboard of your account, then click on the name of the Course you'd like to add an Exam to, then click on your course Slides (menu on the left):

Click on Add slide and then you will see the following options:

Choose Exam and you'll be taken to this page, where you can see a drop-down list of all of the Exams you created in the Exam section of our tool. Choose the Exam you want to add and click Save:

You will see several other options here too:

Show the intro page before starting: you can choose to show the intro page of the Exam by selecting the checkbox. If you choose not to do this, then the Exam will start immediately with the first question. If you have a timed Exam, we recommend to show the intro page so a participant knows he is actually starting the Exam.
Show the result page at the end: you can choose to show the result page at the end of the Exam, or send a participant immediately to the next slide in the Course.
Navigation behavior: read more about that here.
Minimum score to pass (%): set a pass rate that a participant must achieve before they are able to continue to the next slide of the Course. More info here.
Maximum attempts to pass the exam: if a participant doesn't score above the pass rate in a maximum number of attempts, he will be redirected to the end page of the Course (the failed variant).

It's also possible to issue a certificate for your whole Course, or Exam, so if people pass the Course or Exam they get a certificate at the end.


Follow the same path to add an Assessment to your Course. Go to Slides > Add slide > Assessment and select an Assessment from the drop-down list:

You can decide if you want to show the intro page and the result page of the Assessment, and choose your navigation setting. For more general information on Assessments, read here.
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