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This is how you can transfer a Quiz to the Exam section. Just in case you realized that you actually prefer the functionality of an Exam.

To transfer your Quiz to the Exam section in our tool you can copy-paste the content or recreate the test in the Exam format.
However, if your Quiz contains many questions you might find it useful to use the import and export features that are available in our tool.

How to change a Quiz into an Exam

Step 1: Export the questions of your Quiz

You will find a button called Export questions in the Questions section in the menu of your Quiz:

This will generate an .xlsx Excel file where the questions and answers are listed in columns. You have now extracted the content of your test. 👍

Step 2: Download the example-file for uploading questions to an Exam

If you go to the Exam tool you can create a new Exam by selecting Create new exam.
Now you can find the template for importing questions in the Exam when going to Questions > Import in the menu of your Exam:

You can also download this example file here:

Download example file for Importing questions to an Exam

Step 3: Rearrange your export file to match the structure of the import file

You might notice that the structure of the import file for an Exam is different from that of an exported Quiz file.

We recommend you to use the example file for importing to create your own import file. Do not change anything in the first row. Simply type your questions in the columns below and insert the other data in the appropriate columns.

 This is the required information for each column:

Please enter the Questions here (one question per row)
Here you can enter the amount of points that you would like to give for this question when it's answered correctly
You can enter any of the answer-options here
Here you can enter an explanation (feedback) that can be shown after this answer was given by a user. (Please note that this is only available for Business Owl accounts and up)**
If answer_x is correct you should enter a "1", if it's incorrect you should enter a "0"
Here you can enter a general explanation (feedback) for the question, which you can choose to show after a question is answered by a user.

Once you've added all the information, save your file.

Final step: Upload the file to your Exam

Go back to your Exam and go to Questions. Select Import > Choose a file > Select your .xlsx or .ods file > Open > Import questions.


Your Quiz has now been transferred to the Exam section and you can benefit from the available Exam features which include;

Set up a score-range for passing/failing
Removing the time limit
Set a time per question
Review the results and statistics in detail
Creation of certificates
Invite participants to take your Exam
Print your Exam/Exam results
Hiding the score on the Result page of your Exam
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