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In this article, we will explain how you can order items in a list with a keyboard only.

On some pages, it’s possible to order items in a list. For example, when you want to change the order of questions in an Exam. You can change the order by using the Drag to sort handle on the far right with your mouse (in the Actions column):

 However, it is also possible to do this with a keyboard only:

Press the Tab key on your keyboard until you reach the drag handle (labelled as Drag to sort in English).
Press Space to select the item. The state will change for screen readers, and will be visible with thick purple borders on the top and bottom.
Reorder the item in the list by pressing the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard
Press Space to save your changes.
Press Esc to cancel reordering and restore the initial order.

When using a screen reader

When you use a screen reader, it will give you extra information while reordering. However, keep in mind that your screen reader may override the behavior of your arrow keys. In that case, you need to switch from browser mode to focus mode:

NVDA: NVDA key (default: Insert) + Space
JAWS: Numpad Plus (+)
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