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Help your participants save time and access Easy LMS from a single account. You can configure Auth0 for the Academy portal. Here's how!

Single sign-on is available with the Enterprise Owl plan.

Step 1. Create an app for Easy LMS

From your Auth0 dashboard go to Getting Started > Create Application:

Choose Regular Web Application > Create. You can name it anything, but in this example, we will use Easy-LMS.

After creating the application, it will ask, β€œWhat technology are you using for your project?”. You do not need it for this integration. Select Skip Integration to go directly to the Settings tab.

Fill in the Application Login URI and the Allowed Callback URLs on the Settings page.

Application Login URL:{id}
Allowed Callback URLs:

Don’t forget to hit Save after filling in the fields.

Step 2. Configure the SSO settings in Easy LMS

In Easy LMS, go to My account > Advanced setup > Single sign-on. Select the Azure / Okta / Auth0 tab:

Fill in the following fields with this information:

title: Auth0
provider_url: You can find this in Auth0 under the Settings tab of the newly created application under Domain. The URL should look something like Don’t forget the '/' character at the end!

The client_id: You can find this in Auth0 under the Settings tab of the newly created application under Client ID:

The client_ secret: This can also be copied from the Auth0 settings page under Client Secret.

Remember to hit Save!

Step 3. Change the login method for the Academy

In Easy LMS, go to Academy > Settings. The Login method for the Academy should be set to Single sign-on through OpenID Connect.

Step 4. Verify the settings

Go to the Academy and see whether you are required to log in with Auth0. Everything has been successfully set up when that works!
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