This article will help you add a PowerPoint presentation to your Course. First, you will need to convert your PowerPoint Presentation into a PDF format. Then you can add the PDF document as a presentation to your Course.

Step 1: Convert your PowerPoint Presentation to a PDF

Go to PowerPoint
Open your PowerPoint Presentation
Go to File > Export
Click on Create PDF/XPS

Give it a Title.
Click on Publish.

Your document has been saved as a PDF!

The size of your PDF should not exceed 10 MB.

Step 2: Add your PDF to a Course slide

Go to an existing Content slide or create a new one by following this path: Dashboard> Courses > Course dashboard > Create > Slides.
Click on the Add element button.
Select Presentation element.
Choose your PDF file to upload.
Click on Save.

Your PDF file is now displayed as a Presentation element in your Course!

Easy LMS does not track the progress of the participants through the PDF.
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